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Ship AI Features. Faster

Embed AI assistants into your web apps using our advanced conversational AI JavaScript libraries.

We support any AI backend — including
Supported platforms: LangChain, HuggingFace, OpenAI, Javascript, React
Bootstrap your natural language interface

NLUX, our React/JS UI Kit, supports markdown streaming, theme customization, bot & user personas and more.

Integrate with common & custom adapters

We support Next.js API routes.We have standard adapters for LangChain, and HuggingFace. And we support custom adapters for any AI backend.

Synchronize your application with LLM contexts

NLBridge, our Node.js middleware, synchronizes application data with LLMs, allowing them to read from and interact with your app.

Open source

We're proudly open source. Join the discussion and contribute to our libraries on GitHub.

Continuously evolving

Planned features include custom components, extended markdown syntax, advanced theming, and more in-depth LLM context synchronisation.

Shape the roadmap

We're prioritising feature development for our first customers.

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Ship AI features. Faster.

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